Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Ridin' on my Razor & Hoppin' on my...

Ahhh.  the Razor, and I'm not talking about the hair removal ones ladies and gents.  I'm talking about the appearance of the 1999 EPIC RAZOR SCOOTER.  Kids, you no longer have to take the bus!  So how long would it take to get to school on a scooter??  Well, lets just put it this way. If it took the bus 15 minutes to drop you off, it probably take you about 13 minutes on your Razor.  Actually, with preparation and parking, probably around 17 minutes.  But, hey, you looked the man, HanSOLO!

I don't care what haters have to say.  Scooters were really fun, and just like all of the other fads, parents HATED them.  Parents would always try and make you wear a helmet because some spaz kid tried to do a flip off of a ramp and cracked his head open.  Moms that look quite like HERE.

I will say though, if you actually wore a helmet while scooting on a razor, that's pretty lame, especially in middle school.  I mean I guess if your like a scooter Pro doing crazy Razor tricks its a different story and helmets welcomed; but for everyday riding around school helmets were definitely not the coolest. 

The variety of colors and sizes made the scooter different and gave Micro Mobility Systems the competitive advantage.  
Different Color ScootersImage From: this website.
--Once I had my Razor, I had my first taste of freedom. --Anonymous



wait for it..... wait 


I personally SUCKED at the Pogo Stick.  I maxed out at around 3? 4? It was not a pretty sight.  There was always one kid that was amazing and could hop around for days, making the rest of us look pathetic.   

According to this world record information regarding the Pogo Stick are as follows:

"Jumps on a Pogo Stick: The greatest number of consecutive jumps achieved on a pogo stick is 177,737, by Gary Stewart at Huntington Beach, California, USA on May 25-26, 1990. The attempt took him 20 hours and 20 minutes. Gary first tried a pogo stick in 1974, when he and his older brother, Dave, were given a dime-store model by a neighbor. 

Dave managed 31 jumps, and so Gary “stayed out in the garage until I could do more than 31." His determination eventually paid off and by 1985 he had set a record with 130,077 jumps in 17 hours, 26 minutes, which he went on to beat in 1990. And the reason for all this bouncing around? "Ever since I was in the first grade I would get a Guinness Book for Christmas every year. That book was my bible. Getting my name in it was like really an important thing to me. It was kind of a childhood dream."

Pretty cool stuff...


  1. I loved how the scooters sold out and went for upwards of 100 dollars and people PAID for them. I mean, what?? WHAT?

  2. J.Nuss4/14/2011

    I think I had a green razor, yeah I had a green one. I rode through the halls of my school just like Hansel lol. Yeah, as for pogo sticks I could only do so on occasion though I tried many times. I think I maxed out at 20-something...I was not very good.