Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bop It BABY!!!!

Though the Bop It came out in 1996 during my elementary school years, it is well-worth mentioning.

Bop it. Pull it. Twist it. Pull it. Pull it. Pull it. 

It sounded almost sexual, the weird fad that was Bop It.  This was like the modern era Simon Says that had three options announced in a deep, demanding voice: bop it, pull it or twist it.  Or that's how it started...
The Original Bop It
Image from here.

Then it got extreme.  The options went to: bop it, pull it twist it, pass it, spin it, flick it or pass it.  This was a challenge.  It really got to be a complex mind game memorizing how fast and in what order the functions were in.  
Image from here.

I always wanted to bring a Bop It to a library and just play to see how long it would take every person in the place to completely flip out.  It could be funny and maybe make it onto Tosh.0.  Anyhow the Bop It now looks like:
NEW Bop It Extreme
Image from here.
Craziness!  Look at that new and improved baby.  It would probably be really hard for us kids who grew  up with the original Bop It Extreme because all of the functions are all out of order [sneaky manufacturers!].  

The only question I have about the Bop It is did anyone ever win???  Like seriously, I am determined to know if any single person I knew ever reached an end that was like "YOU WIN THE BOP IT. NOW GO DO SOMETHING ELSE."  Really though, that did the game ever max out? Anyone??


  1. Adam Mench4/07/2011

    I particularly thought they should've added a Poke It mini spin off to the Bop It.

  2. Christina4/07/2011

    I was amazing at the Bop It. I particularly liked the extreme one because you could flick it and spin it. I also had a keychain of the Bop It and it was a pretty big deal.

  3. Jason Nuss4/07/2011

    I wouldn't have made it thru first grade without my Bop It.

  4. Anonymous4/09/2011

    The functions on the new bop it extreme are the same as the old bop it extreme. the angle of the photograph is just different

  5. you are absolutely right. they are trying to mess with ya!

  6. Kristen4/15/2011

    This would make a great drinking game.

  7. Anonymous5/03/2011

    Bop it was really fun and I never actually won. Just got the scream when I lost.

  8. Anonymous12/01/2011

    250 was the original Bopit Extreme "Congratulations" or something to that effect, I achieved it once.

  9. bop it extreme goes to 250 bop it download the "new and improved extreme" goes to 1000 and bop it original goes to 100