Friday, April 15, 2011

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The Original Slinky
Image from here.
What a fun word and another throw back fad.  The toy was developed by a naval engineer named Richard James in the early 1940s.  The slinky is not the most exciting of toys, but it sure is timeless.  Even today, the slinky is featured in the epic Toy Story series through Slinky, Andy's reliable dog. 
The Timeless Slinky the Dog
Image from here.
Slinky's were cool for a few seconds and a nice piece to have on your desk, but overall are pretty lame.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm way over the slinky in under 2 minutes.  Seeing the Slinky crawl down the stairs was probably the coolest thing the Slinky had to offer.

And the newer, cooler slinky's came in all sorts of colors and shapes and tended to be more plastic in nature.  They were way more fun and tended to look like:
New and Improved rainbow edition slinky!
Image from here.

And another fun word just to throw in there.  Yo Yo!  Very appropriate.  The Yo Yo was most certainly a fad that spread rapidly throughout the years and apparently has quite a history...check it out!

The Yo Yo is a really fun, inexpensive toy that is perfect for showing off tricks.  Though I was never a Yo Yo master I certainly attempted some of the elite tricks such as walk the dog and around the world.  Around the world was a bit dangerous and usually ended with me taking a Yo-yo to the face.  

There were three distinct types of Yo Yo's.  I personally worked the butterfly the best, but here's a look at them:

Image from here.

The biggest problem I have with the Yo Yo is the string.  It always seemed to get stuck to my fingers or twisted up at the bottom.  Perhaps that is because I do not have the skills of him.

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