Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey Arnold!

Now if you have never watched Hey Arnold! I would advise that you skip over this post, go onDemand, watch an episode and come on back.

For all of you who have seen arguably the greatest cartoon of my era, Hey Arnold! I have composed a list of universal questions I have:

1. How was it that Arnold's boarding house was so rundown and shitty, but his room was hands-down the sweetest bachelor pad known to man? For God sake the kid not only had a remote control for his couch, but I'm pretty sure in an episode he had a full scale science lab emerge from his ceiling.

2. Who is the local barber and how in the world do multiple character's hair stay the way it does?

3. Why isn't Helga's room infested with rats and roaches considering she lives in the city and has this stored in her closet......

4. Why is Arnold's hat so small and how is it that he is experiencing male-patterned baldness balding at the age of 9?

5. Ever notice that there are a significant amount of characters on the show that fit under a rash stereotype?

Oskar the Russian immigrant who's always mooching off of everyone.
Ernie the angry midget whose job is working a demolition truck [clearly compensating for his lack of height]

Mr. Hyunh the Vietnamese immigrant with a very, very thick accent.  Basically, Mr. Hyunh was the token Asian.  In this pic he is using a rotting fish to ward off spirits...
Gerald, the token black guy.  He's a cool, collected brotha who speaks in rhymes and has the vertical fro goin' on.

Stinky, the poor kid from the country [who is so poor his nickname is Stinky].  He's even got his overall's on in this pic.

6. Just how many pairs of glasses did Brainy have to buy?  It seems to me that every time Helga punched him in the face his glasses broke.

7. How does a fourth grade girl have such a profound unibrow?? [see above]

8. How does Stinky stay upright.  Proportionally the length of his nose is the size of his face.

9. Where in the world does Sid's nose start? His forehead? His hairline?? His brain???

10. Are Arnold and Nadine twins?? Or did the artists just get lazy?  
11. Is it just me or does Grandpa's chin look like........ (I guess it wasn't just me because a simple google search revealed this pic^)

(All Hey Arnold! pictures are from

Here are my top 11 questions so far, I will be back with more soon....



  2. Anonymous2/27/2011

    So this was a made up story, but how cool would it be if it were true?

    Also, I believe the Stoop Kid is still afraid to leave his stoop. Just word on the street.

  3. Anonymous3/01/2011

    I never thought about a lot of this stuff while watching the show, I guess it made sense when we were 12 haha!

  4. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Helga is a hot mess-love the unibrow!